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Floriane Misslin
Anorexia is a serious mental health condition. Pro-Ana is a community promoting anorexia ‘as a lifestyle’ via distinctive discourses on social media. Beyond defining skinny as a synonym to beautiful, pro-anorexics worship the extreme self-discipline of avoiding nutrition. This visual analysis studies the imagery circulating in such communities and enquire how their visual content functions as an apparatus that mobilizes, persuades and instructs. The visual analysis concluded with a short movie portraying the main elements of communication by illustrating a creed shared by the community. ⤿2014

↗︎ Stills from the short movie
I regret that the movie made at that time did not take a further critical stance on the subject and consequently realised it could be interpreted by some audiences as a tribute to pro-anorexia itself. For this reason, I am sharing stills only.
↘︎ Extracts from the research publication.