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Floriane Misslin
Uni—Sex : Performative Clothing
In this play, bodies are dressing and undressing. The clothes are characters that animate the bodies in their performance of gender. The duo evolves in stages of polarity, complementarity, unity, uniformity, originality, alteration, distortion, appropriation. They perform states of becoming that are affected by clothing, what they evoke to us, and our agency to question it.
Performance created for the exhibition #TVClerici by Design Academy Eindhoven in Milan Design Week 2017. Coached by choreographer Edan Gorlicki, performed by Floriane Misslin and Olle Lundin
You can watch the film ☞here☜

↗ Directed by Floriane Misslin
Images by Keisuke Fujita
Soundscape by Jim Zweerts
Performed by Olle Lundin and Floriane Misslin
June 2017

↘︎ Film still
↘︎ Images from the performance at the exhibition TVClerici
Image by Angeline Swinkels
↘︎ The TVClerici show was a live TV studio in which design projects were made and performed between the backstage and onstage.
Exhibition by Design Academy Eindhoven, Milan Design Week, April 2017
Image by Angeline Swinkels