Floriane Misslin
Uni–Sex : Analysing Universality
Uni—Sex is a study case distilling unisex fashion imagery to denote its visual language and cultural codes. Archived in a book, the visual analysis observes how the male and female body is represented in an idealized context of gender neutrality. Considering the images connotations in paralell to sociology and fashion history, the study extracts elements of contradiction between the unisex statement and the visual language they use. Thus the project tempts to propose new codes for a unisex imagery fitting upcoming visions of gender —2016
Extract of the analysis featuring the following campaigns:

Toogood Unisex Outerwear - Collection 001
Moses Gauntlett Cheng - Going back to Long Island, Going back to Jersey, Going back to Perth
Rad Hourani - Unisex #8
Gypsy Sport - Fall Winter 2015
Erik Yvon - Delta
Vaquera - Vaquera 03
Publication of the essay

Image - Toogood