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Floriane Misslin
Uni–Sex : Analysing Unisex and Gender Fluid Fashion Campaigns
Uni—Sex is a study case analysing six unisex fashion campaigns from 2015. The visual analysis observes how bodies are represented in an idealized context of gender fluidity and sex equality. Archived in a book, graphs and diagrams explore and isolate components of the different visual languages and examine the various ways of portraying gender fluid and unisex fashion collections. The study unveils eventual contradictions, limitations, and potentials, with the aim to establish an archive of potential blueprints for the future of gender fluid fashion. ⤿2016
↘︎ Spreads from the analysis
↗︎ The analysis features the following campaigns:
Toogood Unisex Outerwear - Collection 001
Moses Gauntlett Cheng - Going back to Long Island, Going back to Jersey, Going back to Perth
Rad Hourani - Unisex #8
Gypsy Sport - Fall Winter 2015
Erik Yvon - Delta
Vaquera - Vaquera 03
↘︎ Publication of the essay

↗︎ Image from Toogood Unisex Outerwear - Collection 001