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Floriane Misslin
Designing Research Methods: Workshop Proposals
This series of workshops aims to explore live, sensory and inventive sociological research methods and provoke new ways of thinking research methodologies in design. On this page, you can find a few examples of the workshops I propose. Get in touch for more details about the workshops ⟶
This series of workshops aims to explore live, sensory and inventive sociological research methods and provoke new ways of thinking research methodologies in design.
Live sociology calls for the design of research ‘methods that moves with the social world’ rather than captures it into static forms. (see Back, 2012, Live Sociology: Social Research and its Futures) ⤓ More references on live sociology and inventive methods at the bottom of the page.
The workshops offer diverse opportunities to explore how methods and devices define the materiality and qualities of the data being produced. This is about experimenting with creative ways of doing interviews and field work by engaging senses, objects and events that will condition and produce rich, textured and complex data.
It also calls the designers to being sensible to their own sensory experience of the research process and how this conditions the knowledge they produce. The workshop is the occasion to stress the importance of considering ethics in research while inviting the participants to think of methodological solutions to ethical limits in research.
The workshops start with interactive formats of lectures involving group discussions and visual presentations to introduce the terms that will then be explored through practice.
↖︎ Visuals for a lecture on the production of fashion photography and the gender divide in the fashion industry by developing notions of differences, becoming and affect between bodies and visual culture.
The workshop invites students to think of gender through design by exploring the entanglements between body, dress, visual culture and gender politics. The exercise requires them to critically reflect on what norms and social imaginaries are being produced and/or reproduced through their projects and their impact on consumers.
The methodology calls for being analytical and critical of our influences, references and sources. This reflection is done through the production of a mood board that functions as an analytical tool as well as a dialogic device between the participants of the workshop.
↓︎ Images from a workshop in February 2020 with students from the MA Design: Expanded Practice at Goldsmiths University of London.
Participants engaged with notions of identity, desire and collective aspirations by analysing visual data collected on Instagram.
Find more about this workshop on its own webpage ⟶ Instagram Distillation Workshops
↓︎Images from workshops held at Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam and high school Le Corbusier, Illkirch-Graffenstaden, 2017.
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