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⟶ I'm Floriane Misslin (they / iel), also going as Fo. I work as a researcher and design educator.

I'm a PhD candidate in Visual Sociology at Goldsmiths (UK), a lecturer at London College of Communication (UK), and a tutor in MA Geo-Design at Design Academy Eindhoven (NL).

I research gender and sexuality in fashion production. Working with professionals and students in the creative industries, I develop participatory and visual research methods expanding the use of mood boards and diagrams. 

Here, you can find out about my two current projects and some past works. 
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To get in touch, write to ⟶ fomisslin@gmail.com

How do LGBTQIA+ fashion producers experience the negotiation of gender and sexuality in editorial fashion photography? 

[working title] 

☞ This PhD research questions how London-based, LGBTQIA+ photographers, stylists, fashion editors, casting directors, and press officers achieve or compromise their creative ideas in response to predominantly heteronormative standards of fashion production.

⟶ Ongoing doctoral research in Visual Sociology, Goldsmiths University of London, 2020 to 2026/2027

⟶ A 15 minutes presentation about my PhD, presented at the conference Fashion Becoming, organised by London College of Fashion, Parsons Paris, Victoria & Albert Museum and Royal College of Arts, on the 19th of April 2024.

Mood Board: Feeling Images

Series of Workshops

☞ An exploration of the mood board as a visual research method, taking into account the political and ethical responsibilities of using past images to inform our future projects, as well as the affective process of collecting and juxtaposing images into a new context.

⟶ Ongoing series of workshops done at:
London College of Fashion in the "Queering Fashion" BA module (recurrent),
MA Design: Expanded Practice at Goldsmiths University of London (2022),
MA Graphic Media Design at London College of Communication (2023),
KASK, Ghent (Belgium, 2024)
⟶ Exhibited at Fashion Space Gallery in 2022
⟶ 2021 to now

Diagrammatic Manifestos: Fashion Photography Beyond Womenswear / Menswear

☞ Eight interviews of London-based fashion producers are transcribed in the form of diagrams across multiple pages in this installation about their work to challenge the distinction of womenswear and menswear. 

⟶ Exhibited at Viral, Le Signe, for the graphic design biennale at Chaumont, France, 2020

Diagrammatic Manifestos: Fashion Photography Beyond Womenswear / Menswear

☞ Four posters commissioned for the exhibition Designs For Different Futures based on interviews with fashion producers challenging heteronormative representations of gender and sexuality in fashion. The interviews and manifestos were initially done for my MA dissertation.

⟶ Exhibited at Designs For Different Futures, Philadelphia Museum of Arts (2019), Art Institute of Chicago (2020), and Walker Art Center (2021),US

Diagrammatic Manifestos: 
A Method for Studying the Fluidity of Gender in the Production of Fashion Photography

☞ An article reflecting the the method of Diagrammatic Manifestos I developped in my MA dissertation in Visual Sociology. The method consists of editing manifestos with participants through a series of 2 to 3 interviews, expressing each of their unique approach to challenge fashion beyond womenswear and menswear.

⟶ Published in the peer-reviewed journal Fashion Studies, Volume 3, Issue 1, 2020

Diagramming Fluidity: Designing a Research Method

☞ An expanded version of my MA dissertation was published as a riso-printed book, reflecting on the design of my research method and findings.

⟶ Published with Onomatopee, 1st edition in 2020 and 2nd edition in 2021