A Fashion Degree in Humanswear? Students and educators doing fashion beyond binaries and norms.

☞ I interviewed students and educators about the possibilities and limitations of challenging the distinction between womenswear and menswear in London fashion universities.
⟶ Published on Futuress.org

Mood Boards: Scrambled Temporalities

☞ A week of workshop working on a collaborative mood board about the museum‘s collection. We made a zine concluding our research. 

⟶ Read an interview about the workshop on Koozarch

Design Campus at Kunstgewerbemuseum, Pillnitz, Dresden, Germany

Workshop: Queer Fashion Fanzines

☞ An afternoon making a zine with collages inspired by extracts from queer theory. 

⟶ At Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France, in the context of the Anne Ihmof exhibition

Workshops: Designing Research Methods

☞ Series of workshops to creatively and critically consider the politics and ethics of research methods while experimenting with ways of producing data and interviewing.

⟶ For the MA Geo-Design at Design Academy Eindhoven, since 2020