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Floriane Misslin
Workshops: Instagram Distillation
Although images shared on Instagram tend to be homogenized by the common use of filters, compositions or props, these visual strategies also demonstrate how Instagram users envision digital versions of themselves in relation to wider communities. By thoroughly observing, isolating and reorganising selected visual data, participants are invited to consider and question how such visual manipulations and reproductions can be understood as manifestations of both intimate and collective desires.
Primarily organised for high school Le Corbusier, France in May 2017 and reframed for Het Nieuwe Instituut, the Netherlands in September 2017
⤿ These workshops are looking for new opportunities!
↘ Workshop at Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 21st of September 2017
Distillation of 21 Instagram profiles from Dutch designers and their 42 last posts on that day.
The workshop focused on looking at the various ways Dutch designers represent themselves online with hands in workspaces, dusts and sparkles from workshops, close-up on the textures of materials or the graphic landscapes of holidays.

↓ Connecting images of landscapes and architecture. ↓ Connecting images of creative process. ↓ Connecting images of portraits and self-portraits. ↘ Workshop at the high school Le Corbusier, Illkirch-Graffenstaden, France, 10th and 11th of May 2017.
Distillation of the visual language of Instagram hasthtags #kinfolklife #yogafitgirl and #cityromantics
The workshop asked teenagers to reflect on what do they perceive on images that present idealistic, performative and repetitive elements, and how could they connect the visual languages to social and cultural desires and taste.
↓ Observe each of the Instagram profiles. ↓ Notify common interests and values, and what can they possibly tell about the author of the photographs. ↓ Select five main subjects that are repetitive in the visual data and extract each images depicting it. ↓ From each categories, isolate subcategories by looking into the different ways the subject is represented. ↓ Outline and annotate the visual techniques used in each subcategories while discussing what they convey.